About Us

Janitra Bina Manusa School may sound seemingly like a newly founded school,  but actually we are standing as the continuation of our Early Childhood Program that have opened since 2018.

Janitra Bina Manusa School was found with the life of the next generation in mind, to inspire them to make an impact today and in the future.  We are comprised of experienced individuals in school management & pedagogy. Janitra Bina Manusa School is equipped by strong combinations of a proven curriculum, ie. Inquiry learning, Active Learning, Cambridge and National Curriculum – KURTILAS (to name a few)

Janitra Bina Manusa School truly understands that Early Childhood and  Primary years are an important stage of human development, during this stage, a child develops their characters and competence that will become their foundation in the coming adult years. 

Recognised and accredited as a school that facilitate its student with effective innovative education and create eventful learning journey.  A school that’s proven to raise children as a lifelong learners, and grow into an honourable person with strong mind, rich in characters, a future world leaders and a worthy citizen.

Our hope is that our students will develop into:

  • Someone who have faith in God the Almighty, with upright values and characters.
  • Young individual with operative mind, a creative thinker, problem solver, effective communicator and collaborator.
  • Resilient being. A young person with healthy body, with eagerness, persistence and grit as an independent learner.
  • Mindful and reflective person. Understands how actions and knowledge applies in life.
  • Individual who can appreciate themselves and  other distinctiveness. Understands self-identity and knows how to contribute to the world.

Janitra Bina Manusa School provides the students with a safe, supporting, respectful and nurturing environment, which we believe would help children to develop the above aptitudes and to be industrious, productive and grow meaningfully in many aspect of their life during the primary years, i.e. intellectual, physical, spiritual and socio-emotional development.